KYC Application and BEX Token Contribution

Dear potential BEX Token Contributor,
Please be informed that under applicable Anti-money laundering legislation (AML) for all contributions additional KYC (Know your client) procedures are required. We kindly ask you to fill in the fields below and upload requested files. Please note that we may require you to provide more detailed information if needed.


* Accepted formats: gif, png, jpg, pdf, Max size: 4MB

Contribution Amount

In this Private Sale, 1 BEX is valued at 0.10 US$, and the minimum contribution amount is 50.000 US$. Please enter the amount in US$ you intend to contribute to the BehaviourExchange Limited. Please note that we accept the following currencies: US$, €, ETH and BNB.


As a contributor in this Private Sale you are entitled to a special bonus allocation depending on the level of contribution as displayed below:

Amount of US$ contribution % of FREE Bonus Tokens
50.000 US$ - 250.000 US$ 25%
250.001 US$ - 500.000 US$ 30%
500.001 US$ - 1.000.000 US$ 40%
1.000.001 US$ - 2.000.000 US$ 50%
2.000.001 US$ and more up to 80% (TBD)


User Consent

I take full responsibility for providing accurate personal data and I understand and agree with the BehaviourExchange Terms of​ ​BEX Token Private Sale.


All data provided in this KYC Application will be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act (DPA), and Processing of Personal Data Regulations (Electronic Communication Sector). Under applicable civil and criminal law, BehaviourExchange Limited is under the obligation to treat all client information as strictly confidential and may not disclose any such information, except when the applicable criminal court or prosecutor’s order for disclosure is issued against us.