Dear BEXers!

We are extremely excited to announce that BehaviourExchange private PRE-SALE will start on 23 February 2018. Joins us in our global movement, which will enable million of companies and online visitors to use the internet in a much more user friendly and efficient way.



Start: 23 February 2018
Duration: 7 days till 2 March 2018

Token symbol: BEX

Pre-sale token supply: 20.000.000 BEX (4% of total token supply)
Raise: 1.250.000 US$

Contributors: limited number of strategic investors
Whitelisting: please register for whitelisting here: Sign up for KYC

BONUS ALLOCATION: depending on the level of investment and the number of participants. Personal offer will be disclosed privately to each participant in pre-sale.


Start: April 2018

Circulating supply after the token sale: 385.000.000 BEX
(77% of total distribution which already includes 4% from pre-sale, 50% from token sale in April and 23% for marketing campaign, legal, bounty, endorsers, supporters, advisors and current team)

Public token sale supply: 250.000.000 BEX (50% of total distribution)

Planned token price: 0,10 US$

Planned ICO hard cap: 21.000.000 US$

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