BehaviourExchange is cancelling

announced ICO



Dear BehaviourExchange supporters, a few months ago, we had postponed our planned initial coin offering. In our opinion, the conditions on the ICO market have not substantially improved since then and we have therefore decided to cancel our ICO.

While Blockchain remains a paradigm-shifting technology, the hype surrounding ICOs has caused too much to happen too soon. We believe that some time is needed for the ICO space to rehabilitate and stabilize. If we decide to hold an ICO in the future, we believe we will be better equipped and stronger.

However, the cancellation of the ICO does not mean that BehaviourExchange has given up! On the contrary, we are as committed as ever to our mission to customize online content to each Internet user’s needs. In 2019, we have launched our platform and are offering our service to several companies which resulted in new interesting opportunities and finance sources. We will continue to do what we do best, and that is combining revolutionary technologies with an innovative mindset to create products that have a meaningful impact.

We would like to thank our supporters from all corners of the world for your continuous support and kindly invite you to remain active members of our community. We would like to encourage anyone interested in our work, to visit our new website and follow us on Facebook.